Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Girls are back in town

Some things never change - Hannah and I are two of those things. I haven't updated our blog in almost a year so I thought it was about time, but when it came down to do it I realized...we are pretty boring. lol
Hannah is now the ripe old age of 9. We went to Bear Lake with the family over the summer, which was amazing. We swam, sat on the beach, drank, played cards, it was awesome. I love my family.

Hannah and I also went to Lagoon on the last weekend before she started 3rd grade.

So now Hannah is a 3rd Grader and is doing amazing in school. The only complaint her teacher has is that Hannah has to stop reading in class and participate. Geez, I wonder where she gets that from?
I have an amazing little girl who seems to get growing up.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Birthday time!

This is Hannah....

I have never wrote on this blog before and am kinda new so please lisen.Its my moms birthday and i dont know what to get her mabye i should get her a wach or a weving so write back and tell me what i should get her.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Been Too Long!

I haven't updated our blog in way too long!
Hannah and I are busy doing what we do School is almost over for the year and Hannah has her last soccer game tomorrow. My work is at it's most chaotic right now, with two Relays in a month and Making Strides recruitment calls going on right now. But somehow, we find a balance. We play, we rest, we learn, sometimes we fight, but we love each other and we are finding our groove in life.

Some days being a single mother really sucks. Obviously the being alone without a partner thing sucks, but trying to schedule time to be at every activity and have a job and try to have friends of my own, that truly sucks. But who said life was fair, huh?

I couldn't get through the days without people like my best friend Erin and my awesome sister Jen. Jen saves me more than she knows and Erin has more sass in her 83 pounds than I have seen in a 300 pound black woman.

I guess blogs are like therapy.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hannah and I went on our first vacation to Disneyland October 16-20. I won two JetBlue airline tickets through my work and we decided to go on vacation! It was amazing. Hannah got to take her first airplane ride, which she did great with. The part that bothered her the most was waiting in the airport to board the plane. She got bored (surprise, surprise). But Hannah watched my Ipod the whole flight and did fantastic, the pressure didn't bother her at all. She kept talking really loud with her earphones in, which bothered the people around us, but not Hannah.

Our hotel was hilarious. When I booked our reservation the website said it was under construction and it was supposed to be done by the end of September but it was delayed. Of course it was the middle of October so I thought that construction had to be almost done. Boy, was I ever wrong. It was like walking into a war zone. The poor shuttle driver had no idea where the front door was. He asked me - like I would know! Hello!? Walking to our room, I tried to keep the thoughts of serial killers and cockroaches out of my head. Luckily our room was clean - and we only stayed in our room to sleep and shower. Although, we did have to walk across the street to swim in the neighboring hotel's pool. I just kept smiling. We were there to play in Disneyland all the way!

The first ride we went on was the Matterhorn. I just didn't think about Hannah being scared, and it's a good thing because she wasn't. She really was just up for anything. I think if I was worried about it, she would have been worried about it too. We climbed into the bobsleds on the rollercoaster and off we went. I laughed the whole time, just like I was a little kid again. In fact it brought back memories of when I went with my family when I was 10 years old. I think it took a minute for Hannah to really grasp what was happening. When the ride was over, the lady seated in front of us asked if I wanted her to take our picture. What a great start to our vacation!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Girls Go Camping!

We Did It! And we did it all by ourselves. Hannah and I got all packed up and headed up to Bear Lake. We set up the tent and awning (which ended up blowing down and breaking) in a manner if minutes and were camping like pros.

We spent three days up in Bear Lake, UT just hanging out at the beach, swimming in the pool and just being together. We even made new friends from Syracuse, Utah. Their names are Summer, Sam and Sarah. Being the friendly sort that Hannah is, she just walked up to them on the playground and introduced herself. And of course minutes later, we had an invitation to roast marshmellows with them that night.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just An Innocent Moment

Being a mom is the greatest thing in the world. The last couple of months have been so good for Hannah and I, even though the divorce isn't even final yet. We play more, we laugh more, we live more.

She played so hard today that she sat down on the couch to pout about something and fell asleep. What a beautiful little girl I have.
She's my best friend.

Let's Fight Cancer!

Hannah and I just finished the Relay For Life of Murray. Boy, we are soooo tired. It was held June 27 and 28 at Murray High School. The opening ceremonies started at 6:00 p.m. It was like a million degrees outside but we kept walking and playing. Hannah made some new friends with a couple of little girls who were admiring her Hello Kitty tent. (The pink castle tent does tend to stand out.)

Hannah got to get dunked in the dunk tank! She went completely under water - but it helped cool her off.
The luminaria ceremony was the most special part of the Relay. The luminaria ceremony is where we remember those who have survived cancer and those who have ultimately lost their lives. We had the White Peaks Centennial Pipe Band play the bagpipes. It was.....amazing. They played Amazing Grace and the first verse was a solo and when they started the next verse all seven of the bagpipes started. It gives me goosebumps to think about even now. Hannah and I watched the luminaria ceremony together and listed to the bagpipers and remembered Grandma. Just like the picture above, we had the word HOPE spelled in the bleachers during the ceremony. But as soon as the ceremony was over, we looked over to the bleachers and the word had changed to CURE. I can't even explain how special that part of the Relay was.

Hannah was so excited that she got to stay up until midnight. She was hard to wake up in the morning!
What a great experience for both of us - we got to raise money for the fight against cancer and spend some time together.